Special song

Het nummer "I Did It With You van Lady Antebellum is afkomstig uit de film The Best Of Me die te zien was in Oktober 2014. Prachtige film en mooi geacteerd. Deze film is op spiritueel vlak zo mooi beschreven en zo waar. Ik blijf kippenvel krijgen van het liedje "I Did It With You". 

I remember telling you I loved you

The Northern star rising above you
And in that moment I, thought every dream
Would come true
Oh, but, some just never do

Love comes in circles
And love takes it's own time
Bending and breaking, not taking a straight line
I never knew, I never loved timeless and true
Oh, I did, yeah I did with you.
Oh, I did, I did with you.

Through the years I just kept on believing
Had to be a plan or a reason